Quadcopter, Wats, Sarasin Bridge, Market and Mangoes

A quadcopter practice started the day of for me - in a cleared piece of land near our home.

This is a first cut and I will return here soon

After this it was off to the airport to collect my wife and daughter and after living here for 15 years I am always amazed at how people travel - more photographs later. I (wrongly) chose not to get my wife flowers in Phuket Town - Suan Luan Flower shop but there would be somewhere on the side of the road near to the airport - no there wasn't.

After this we chose to cross over the Sarasin bridge (thanks Jamie) at the North end of Phuket. 

When we arrived I quickly visited วัดท่าฉัตรไชย พระอุปคุต and found it to be quite a deserted Wat. 

Until I noticed an electric cable going in through the shut doors - lovely inside - it was taken care of (more to come on timinphuket-thingstodo)

We then chose to cross the bridge on foot and the views were quite spectacular.

I think that two couples followed the trend set in Korea (was it) with bolting a chain to show their undying love for one another? But I am sure that there is a local story...

Then we progressed over the bridge for lunch. At the other side there were lots of roadside shops and they all seemed to be selling dried fish! 

Then we visited Tanoon Seafood - where we enjoyed our lunch next to the open water channel (more to come on timinphuket-restaurants ).

After this we returned to Phuket - stopping at a Wat that I had wanted to visit Wat Kosit.

We actually stopped at the wrong temple and stopped at what seemed to be a Chinese Shrine for a person. On to Wat Kosit which had more mysteries to be discovered (more to come on timinphuket-thingstodo).

Then it was time for a Mango - stopping at Many Mango on the way home

A lovely day with the family.