Feet and the Public bathroom

Image from Phuket Gazette
Have I ever washed my feet in a Public sink? Yes. But not in Thailand

In Thailand the feet are viewed as a lower part of the body (sic) and by this it means that you must be aware of this when you enter into a Wat. This is reflected throughout the country but has origins here - don't point your foot at someone, don't put your feet up so that the soles are pointing at someone else....

  1) Was it a scam by an authority to get money?
  2) Was the rest of the toilet so disgusting?
  3) Was it wrong?

Well whatever you believe (and you are entitled to your belief) it is Thailand and this is the sort of thing which we must tell visitors to lovely Thailand. 

There are many - do you need those gems? should you hire a jet-ski? should you give your passport to someone you don't know. This is in the hands of the people selling these holidays - no?

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