Bodhi Trees and Buddhism

Bodhi Trees are intrinsically linked to Buddhism - specifically the hours of enlightenment  that the Buddha received specific set of insights or revelations and it is a symbol of the potential that is in us all.

Buddha was seated underneath a specific tree - the Bodhi Tree.

Wonderful - many trees are wrapped in colourful fabric and then a number of different things are put adjacent to them - discarded Wats, red drinks, special Wats, Buddhist images and more.  

I have encountered these trees all over Phuket and in my travels throughout Thailand (Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya).

I encountered the Bodhi Tree recently on a walk up Rang Hill to receive my own enlightenment. Were the monks wrapping their clothes around the trees to stop further development?

This tree was in Phuket Town and had dresses hung up with it - always special.