Coffee and Cake Shops in Phuket Town

This is a topic which I always enjoy investigating - I wonder whether this was why the doctor told me to quit coffee for two months...

Anyway this is a list from

1) Since 1982
I enjoy this coffee and cake shop because it is always interesting and the coffee is pretty good.
Review: 2012 / 2014 

2) Bo(ok)hemian Art House (Nang Sua)
I do not recall ever visiting here

3) Mac-Chiato House (Cake Box)
I do remember visiting here because Jemma like the furniture... I felt not hip enough to be here - I enjoyed my espresso.
Review: 2014  

4) Pirrera
This was an experience that I repeated because I enjoyed the ambience of the coffee shop - I did try the food byt i felt that it was best to stick to the coffee and cake - great for sitting outside (but it is near to the road).
Review: 2013 

5) Siam Bakery
I enjoy visiting here more for the croissants than the coffee - so if you are looking for a place to dip your croissant then this is the best place (cakes are pretty good) - go early in the morning. Review: 2013

6) Cafe Y Te
This is certainly a great place to visit - interesting furniture, cakes to devour and strong coffee... but it has just been closed. Review: 2014

5 out of 6 isn't bad