Kathu Street Festival 2015 ( July 30, 31 + Aug 1)

Kathu Street Festival is the place to go during the next two days   
- Friday 31st of July and 1st August. The main road is closed through Kathu - from one end to the Kathu Shrine at the other side. 
I love to visit Kathu Shrine on the last day of the Vegetarian Festival!

However the reason to go here is the abundance of Thai Street Foods which I am able to fill my stomach with! BUT no Chiang Mai sausages this year?

Anyway - I ate the Sea Grass / Bua Tod

Then there was the Deep Fried Sea Cicada

Not sure what the egg is...

Deep Fried Quails and Quail's eggs

Pieces of an animal...
Salted fish 
How many types of sausage can you make?
and so much more food than I have here...

Elvis turned up...

 are these parts of animals?

a good excuse for a dance?

or dress up and have a ride in a taxi tricycle?

and of course there are some Siamese Fighting Fish?

Enjoy and have a little fun...

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