Breakfast out, beaches and monkey cave

We all had a day off so we chose to go out for breakfast - it was a long time ago but we decided to visit Bake again - the review will be here later - but it was not the same as we remember...

Then back on the road to the beaches. We first stopped at Layan beach - somewhere we also had not been for a very long time.

In fact - this was it.

This is what was there now.

But further along to Layan Beach there was a place called - Dream Beach - BUT there was nobody there at all - does it close?

Then we walked along the beach and met a tree snake...

We found a little road track...

I will have to find a little bit more about this little beach - I will add it the maps.

Then it was time for the next beach - this is Nai Yang Beach which is where all those cool photographs of what it looks like the aeroplane is very close. But it was far too hot to walk all the way along the beach...

So we returned to the car and drove further North - a strange fence all along the side of the road adjacent to the airport - because of the possibility of terrorists?

Then over the Sarasin bridge - always a nice place to stop. We did not visit a nearby Wat  วัดท่าฉัตรไชย พระอุปคุต or even 360

But we did visit a roadside restaurant selling Issan food (ล้านตำแซ่บ) - not the best (review coming) but we were on a mission.

Out came Swarm and we were on a mission - we were looking for Wat Suwankhuha (thanks Jamie) and Monkey Cave.

The reclining Buddha in the cave was wonderful and certainly a place to visit.

We walked carefully through this cave and into another one 
- more photographs to come here.

The monkeys did seem to be a bit more docile than the ones on Monkey / Telegraph Hill in Phuket Town BUT not sure that I would advocate doing this - but it was pretty cool.

We looked at them carefully instead - there are people selling nuts and bananas.

We then drove home stopping at a couple of beaches - looking for the 'Hot Springs' but were unable to find them - do you know about them? There certainly is a lot to explore in Phuket.

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