Local Muay Thai Boxing with Patrick

Muay Thai boxing is something for some people and for others is something else. This post is about Patrick and his fight - the rest of the night will be posted on the blog - Things To Do.

Patrick trained with a local gym near to my home in Borae managed by Jaroon.

Patrick was prepared for his fight by the man who helps us with the garden.

So we started with Wai Khru which was performed by Patrick - much to the support and enthusiasm of the Thai people in the stadium - Nick from Australia did not do much at all - maybe this is something which gives the boxer 'merit' in a fight?

The bell sounded and the fighting begun - Nick was a pretty mean looking man and at some times looked like he was trying to 'dare' Patrick to make a hit - he didn't...

Preferring to keep his arms up and make a prepared kick.

Patrick certainly was taller!!

At the end of the round Patrick was prepared for the next round by the trainer.

Ouch! Nick took a kick to the body and to his head.

That must have hurt - but he didn't show it!

Ouch! Got Nick again.

Now there was blood - the Ref called a TKO (technical knock out)

Patrick won 



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