Fined for feeding the fish...

The arrest of xxxxx, 45, was the first time a tourist has been detained after emergency powers were granted to law enforcement officials by the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR) Region 6 on May 24 to protect marine life. 

The measures, referred to as Article 17, grant additional powers to law enforcement officials, including the ability to arrest anyone thought to be interfering with marine life. 
xxxxx was released on a 100,000 baht bail, which was paid by his tour guide. xxxxx now has to remain in the country until his case is processed by a court. - See more at: 

Have you ever fed the fish whilst you were in Phuket?

I would imagine that we all have BUT did you see this poster? I first saw the poster in 2014 and thought it was actually a scam - until I read more about it.

Then I read more about this - killing the Coral Reef one slice at a time.
Then I read about the tourist removing Coral is fined.

I would think a little next time...

Now (Tuesday 14th of June) I read that you can be fined for catching marine life to take a photo.

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