Phuket News ++: April 2010

Poi Sang Long Ceremony - a Buddhist Novice Ordination Ceremony.  In Mae Hong Son Municipality, Mae.
Found a list of festivals within Thailand in April.

April 3 Attempt on the mass dive record, Thai Muang, Phang Nga, 11am - cancelled
April 9-13 
Phuket Bike Week including Phuket's first Tattoo convention
April 14-18 Phuket Cricket Sixes, Karon Sports Stadium.

The Phuket Marine Biological Centre tells us that there are no deadly jellyfish on Nai Harn beach...... so now you are safe....... BUT if you do "pouring vinegar on the wound and applying mashed beach morning glory which is abundant on the beach is effective' - so now you know!

The Phuket Marine Biological Centre was also reported as trying to save the life of a beached dolphin but unhappily failed - we had some guests who sited live dophins behind Maiton Island.

An Aussie on dope charges for 0.9 grams of dry marijuana ...... I have read nothing more about this......
April the 2nd: 17th annual Laguna Sea Turtle Release............. BUT the Mai Khao Sea Turtle Conservation group reported that none of the 130 Leatherback Turtle eggs that were laid in January hatched BUT there were hundreds of other types that did.... after reading I found that the "Leatherback" does not perform well if assisted.

Land Encroachment - the 7 kilometer stretch of beach at Bang Tao in Cherng Talay - almost 150 restaurants / shops have been built...... I read that properties which have set up rows of beach chairs exclusively for guests and limiting access to local residents is encroachment!!!

A Tunisian expat robs a fleeing tourist during the Tsunami test - only to read that "the scenario is routine for Mr Issa".

Mr Issa was arrested on the 8th of April and released only to re-offend.......... why is a known criminal allowed to stay in Phuket and not return any of the stolen items?

There is a contract for Lifeguards on Phuket beaches - 83 lifeguards assigned to 13 beaches  ..... but the Phuket Lifeguard Club President has yet to see the contracts.......

A Ladyboy kills a tourist ......... the reports tell us that an Italian man went 'rampaging' through the gay district of Patong and was hit over the head with a bottle by Mr Sathit (a transsexual barworker) and later died in hospital.

Then a 21 year old is involved in a Jet Ski accident - an his friend may be charged for his death?

The 167 million Baht market in Phuket Town is still empty - they are now discussing more costs for internal work for stalls............

There was a Soundwave Bikini Contest in Phuket - but I cannot find any real photographs.
But there was a Miss Hard Rock in Patong Contest

I shop in Tesco Lotus every week and have never seen one of the cloth bags? A big debate about the amount of plastic packaging (and then bags) that we currently use in Thailand - for my side I do tell the shops who try to put 1 item in a bag that I don't need it!

Then I read in an Andaman survey that 94% of people agree with the 'NO plastic bag' scheme - they obviously were not a representative sample of the people in Phuket!

JoyDiving in Phuket - a private submarine.......

Don of Don's mall is shutting up shop - I remember the ribs when i visited Phuket

A celebration of Khmer Heritage

More confusion - another 20 entrance fee when you visit Koh Phi Phi - for the funding of cleaning the piers........

Last but not least - 'Bird of Paradise' grows freely in our garden