Phuket News ++: May 2010

Beached dolphin dies at Phuket Marine Biological Research.
Apparently there should be no lizards in Patong?
Yasothin Bun Bangfai - Rocket Festival. 5-9 May
They want more money for the market in Phuket Town............

Evidence of a chemtrail in Phuket - a very real issue or an urban myth?

The Phuket Governor is lobbying for lower taxi fares - good luck taking on the taxi firms (see previous blogs). Interesting letter in the Gazette from a driver who drinks and drives because the taxis are so expensive BUT if he kills someone he will advocate all responsibility - watch this space........

German living in Phuket arrested for selling Solar Cells in Germany which do not work

The German Honorary Consul asked Tourist police were 'asked for more understanding' from the Thai police when 'drunken Germans swore at them'

I must have lived here too long - John Gray is the second person on my telephone in the expat gallery.

Phuket film festival: Repomen is on me list to see - not sure about watching Uncle Boomee.

They are still using the 'Alpha 6' drug sniffer in Phuket - does it work ?(see GT200) 
"I think dogs are more useful"

Wear your motorbike helmets (even if you are a passenger).............
or else.....
I do not know when that law starts.....

They are still talking about a tunnel to Patong - what a waste of time and money - 
why not drive the other way round?

After an accident on a jet ski - one person is dead and the other driver is being sued by the family.

The winners of Miss Phuket Bike Week were 16 and 15!!!!!!
AND the next week there is a letter of complaint - 
"I agreed with it".
The Phuket Post's response was childish - a newspaper? - 
that replies
 "Keep you posted" 

Got a conundrum - if a boat snags on a fishing line which is illegally fishing does the boat driver have to pay compensation?


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