Your camera breaks

Yes it happened to me!  I was taking visiting a beautiful temple and........ the memory card would not go in - what happened? - did i need a new camera? - did i need a new memory card?

More importantly - how much was it going to cost? AND would the shop understand.  I took my camera to 'Clinic Kong' in Phuket Town - 076 250 082.  If you are driving you can park in the Chinese temple on Phuket Road which is next door.  If you are hungry I would drop into a beautiful and intimate Italian restaurant opposite the shop called La Gaetana.

This is the company that took photographs of my wedding and we are more than happy with them.

Two weeks later it was returned and it was less than 1000 Baht - was I lucky? 
I certainly think so - thank you for fixing my camera.

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