Thaksin and travel to Thailand

Travel advice for Thailand
What is happening to Thailand - people are being told not to enter
UK Travel advice from the Foreign Commonwealth Office - FCO (1st May)
British Commonwealth -  BCCT (1st May)
Australian Travel Advice (1st May)
American Travel Advice (1st May)
British Embassy Thailand (1st May)

An attempted attack on the Emerald Buddah - now they are talking of striking of one of the most 'venerated' pieces of Thailand - this is NOT for Thailand - 
it is simply a riot that has not achieved what was wanted - so let's try something else.

What is Thaksin doing? 
There is a funeral soon - is he dead OR is it to kill the evil spirits?
Fake photographs are posted to prove that Thaksin is alive - Why?
He has left Russia and now is in Uganda - doing what?
Thaksin is medically dead - Nation blog
Thaksin's family are in Hong Kong and wearing black....
I have not read Thaksin's twitter - which one is his?