Full Moon Party @ Crowne Plaza

We all had fun at Crowne Plaza Hotel on the 30th of November.

The beach was under the light of the full moon, beer and cocktails were ready to be served on the beach - I stuck to beer at 150 Baht net and there was also a barbecue.

As we settled into a sun lounger they set up a stand for a bottle juggler - Jemma loved this - sparklers were then distributed (nice touch) and then the music started and people started to 'shake their thang's'.

We retreated to watch and to chase crabs - did think that Jemma might get up and join the Gangnam dance but she watched patiently. Spirit balloons were distributed throughout the crowd and the tide began to rise.

Lovely and a good idea - thanks.

 The next day was Halloween so we got Jemma's stuff ready...