Phuket News - September 2012

Chuen and Jemma found the Geocache on Koh Sirey

The Patong Hill will be fixed AND a Patong tunnel
guess we will take the scenic route along the coast to Patong
patong tunnel inches forward (sic)

Phuket Airport is chaos and they want to make it bigger?
more chaos...

Motorbike accident - tourists involved

View Accident black spots. in a larger map
Patong's mayor wins again

but all those unsolved issues?

More Cultural Tourism on Phuket Island

Coral Reefs are disintegrating...
and education is the key

Turtles saved from the ocean rubbish
there was a special dive this month for trash

Canadian sisters in Phi Phi killed by DEET
but answers?

National Park chief moved - better suited elsewhere

The Phuket National Parks are being inspected for encroachment
wonder how long this will last?
death threats rumoured 
how does this translate?

photo courtesy of  Phuket Gazette
Registering taxis in Phuket 
and if they don't have this sticker then haggle
and if they don't turn on the meter then haggle
Honorary Consul interrogates system 

Phuket's first underpass 
but I'm not sure - hope they remember flooding...

a dream - picture courtesy of Phuket Gazette
Which underpass will they try ? 
all of them chaos...
courtesy of Phuket Gazette
Then I see the cartoon above - which is more likely?

A hand washing competition
have I heard everything?

Sapan Hin has a new 4,000 seat stadium
i didn't notice

View Sapan Hin - South Phuket in a larger map

The heavy rains started on the 13th of September 
weather warning - drivers slow down - 15th September
weather warning - flooding - 26th September

Woman incarcerated for carrying drugs and made to eat maggots in prison
they sell maggots at the weekend market here
was it part of the punishment?

Phone company fined because of service
why is the title = Farang owned company fined

13 taxis caught rejecting a passenger in Bangkok on the 'crack down'
only 13?

Bangkok taxis 'unhappy about the crackdown
- come to Phuket...

Illegal resorts to be torn down in Rayong
1 week deadline...
in Phuket?

Police are not allowed to have genital implants and tattoos on some parts
Who Checks?

Think before you cut down that offending tree!
Think I'll get someone to cut the lawn