Street Procession in Sapam Villlage

As we approached Sapam Village the roads were being cleared and people were already set up by the side of the road waiting to receive the Mah Song - there was an electric atmosphere and fireworks were already being released. I was immediately shocked that the parade had started already.

The atmosphere was electric and extremely noisy - I think that there were only approximately 6 Sedan Shrines but they made up for that with their enthusiasm.  

Strangely I watched the explosions in front of a Shell Gas Station and never once worried that maybe this was not a good idea!

As I watched the Sedan Shrines approach I was intoxicated with the smoke and the noise, swiftly these Sedans which were covered in smoke turned off the main road and down a side street - possibly to Sapam Shrine?

It was at this point that I returned to the car, my daughter Jemma loves to visit Chinese Wats and Buddhist Temples with me - the demand was so big that I did relent and took Jemma to the Hot Water Bathing at Choor Su Gong Naka Shrine previously - her response - about the possessed people

 "those people are funny". 

So I took her to the fireworks at Sapam Village - clothes were put on, mask was adjusted and ear plugs put in. Jemma loved the atmosphere, we found a local family who readily embraced a 'farang' and his beautiful daughter....

The procession began and Jemma did not like the noise - hiding behind me - as the group approached Jemma disappeared into the shop.  The noise was simply too much for her and I promised her that I would never take her again - thank you to the family for taking care of us.