Phuket News - October 2012

Jet Ski Problems almost solved 
Damages up to 50,000 Baht 
- amounts beyond the customer pays loss of earnings
almost is a little extravagant I think

Repairing a Patong Hill landslide - how many times?
when will they realise that this cannot continue...
the Patong Underpass will continue
which fails first?

Missed the Hungry Ghost Festival as it was at the same time as the Vegetarian Festival

A safer Phuket Vegetarian Festival 
but that's the excitement?
Health & Safety is a scary concept in Thailand
but it's worth 600 million Baht 

What's a Fossil Graveyard?
there's a Fossil Graveyard discovered in Phuket.

Land issues are hypocritical 
so that's normal?
Land issue investigators
start investigating

image from the Phuket Gazette - a reader
and it's High Season soon so
restaurants encroaching land are destroyed

The stall holders on the street pay their rent to the Chinese Shrine (Jui Tui)
no change - i approve of the merit system
Ferry accident off Pattaya 
the same week that we were there - spooky
all wore life jackets - because they can't swim?

Slo Loris raids to come on Bangla Road
Hurrah - but why tell everybody?

Empty bus accident 
near my home and glad that it was empty
a lot of onlookers for photographs  
2 parked buses explode
not taking a bus for a while...

View Accident black spots in a larger map

  The Transport Department are looking at accident 'black spots'
and doing what?

Man robs a 7-11 with a scythe 
and cameras and witnesses?

Phuket to get free WiFi hot Spots
but will they be simple to use and you don't need the card from the airport?
watch this space

Manage taxi prices...
but petrol price may rise...
so let's put up the prices
nothing to do with us...

Illegal taxi amnesty finishes on November 1st 
and what happens?
Well they have clamped down on the expansion of the taxi at the airport?
but 194 illegal taxis have been found on the first day
and the next day?

A police raid on a gambling den fails to come up trumps
Ha Ha!

Animal raids in Patong captures two Slo Loris 
but the text only indicates 'charged'
not real then?

Russian man buries some money and it is stolen 
why bury it?

Rare 'Hairy Leg Mountain Crab' seen in Phuket
we went to look but we went to the wrong Mangroves...