Phuket Happenings - March 2013

thank you to Mr. Diday
Was March a short month? Because it did seem to go very quickly...

So what are the points that I found this month?  

photo courtesy of Cape Panwa Hotel
Miss Thailand World came to work today at Cape Panwa Hotel and it was entertaining but what did this tell me about Phuket Gazette readers?

Land probe model comes to Phuket 
is this an April Fool and someone got their dates muddled?

Tuk Tuk 'does a flip'  
another reason not to take a Tuk Tuk - is it safer walking?
Bangkok visits Phuket to rid Phuket of unscrupulous Jet Ski operators 
- but there are none...

Greenpeace stage a rally against the exploitation of Krabi for it's Natural Resource - Coal.
Looks good enough to preserve....
Happy Hour - Worldwide 

well only if you read the right things - minimal promotion here in Phuket.

An illegal tanker spills oil into the canals of Phuket
“We have identified the boat and the owner, but we have yet to find him,” Phuket Marine Police Inspector Chatchai Sakdee told the Gazette.

In the same week as Russians in Rawai are caught without a work visa Russians are found with protected animals (but no legal ownership papers) asking if photographs want to be taken.
Then I read that "very little Russian money reaches the local people"
So who's getting the money from them then?

A triple murderer is caught at the Visa Run Pier 
Moral: don't leave the country where they are there for paperwork and money

Phuket sea gypsies unearth Human bone under home
they are worried because
1) there are no ghosts
2) this was the original owner?

Tour Operator not making enough cash turns to selling drugs  
is there more here or more on kickbacks?

Unearthed bones from the foot of Big Buddha 
but they were dog bones...

Worries being shared about the problems in Songkran 
- let's wait and see...

Read this story and remembered what my mother told me about playing in revolving doors to the library
driver of coach stuck and dies in the automatic doors 

A new Phuket bus route from the airport comes into operation...
- well it was going to but then there were threats...
but then people are told to use it - is this the same bus?
people are told to use the Phuket Airport Bus 
the buses are ready to roll 
- maybe there are no drivers?
but maybe the taxi drivers are protecting us from the drunk bus drivers
drunk bus driver chased to Thalang 
foreigners maybe forced to buy insurance? 
- will this be able to be used with the Jet Ski operators?

They are looking into the idea of using tracking devices for tailing criminals let out of jail. Have they never seen the Television programmes which allow the user to negate these systems or other people to be tracked for you?
- some of the comments are quite funny

Or is this the April Fool?
to reduce arthritis etc squat toilets will be removed...

Accidents in Phuket - think this is old and out of date or there are simple too many

View Accident black spots. in a larger map