We're all in this together

Earth Day recently saved an enormous amount but what it did for me was to raise my awareness - congratulations to the places which made it an event - such as a candle lit dinner etc.

Bangkok Earth Hour 2013 saved 1,699 megawatts of electricity, reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 1,073 tonnes & saved 6.65 million baht.

We're all in this together and this App intends to do is also raise our awareness and make everybody aware that the little things count as well.

One Small Act — you don't have to do a lot, to do a lot.

Track all of the little things you do for the environment and discover how your impact can contribute to creating a more sustainable and eco-healthy planet.

- Over 400 small “eco” actions you can set as goals or complete to make a difference in our environment
- Share a Tree actions to help the Arbor Day Foundation plant 1 million trees during December
- Points and badges to celebrate your eco achievements
- Green tips from Hollywood’s biggest stars
- A spectacular virtual garden that you help create by completing actions
- A newsfeed to see how friends and celebrities are going green
- Social media sharing to let others know how you are contributing small eco actions
- An action plan
- An impact counter for the planet’s water, health, energy and environment 

Launched in May 2007, “Green Is Universal” is NBC Universal’s ongoing green initiative dedicated to raising Green awareness, affecting positive change to the environment, and greening its own operations. Throughout the year, NBC Universal uses it numerous media and entertainment platforms to educate the public on the environment, with over 200 hours of green-themed content airing across over 40 NBCU brands. NBCU uses the over 400 actions created by Practically Green as the sustainable small actions in the One Small Act app.

Do you want to have a go?
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  • Recycle batteries – 15 points
  • Use a coffee cup, water bottle, glassware and flatware at work – 20 points
  • Use less paper at work – 20 points
  • Stop dry cleaning your clothes (or never start) – 30 points
  • Install a shower timer – 5 points
  • Switch to natural baby wipes – 10 points
  • Donate clothes to a charity – 20 points
  • Buy antibiotic- and hormone-free meat regularly – 50 points
  • Drink with a reusable straw – 10 points
  • Sell used goods online – 5 points

Watch this space as to how we did...