Noodles, coffee and a picnic.

This was a wonderful day - what started off with making pancakes for breakfast ended with cocktails.

An old Michael Caine movie was selected to watch and then it was time for lunch - we chose to have lunch in a local noodle shop (เยาว เยนตาโฟ สาขา 3) just outside Phuket Town.

Wonderful noodles - thank you, but there seems to be nothing in any other language other than Thai. Chuen (my lovely wife) simply went to the Traditional Noodle Cart and asked the cook how to make it - type of noodles, garnish, meats, seafood, red paste and everything else.

I could not tell you exactly what it was but I did have a go with foodspotting

I needed sugar so we chose to go to a coffee shop in Phuket Old Town - parking at the most convenient shop I could only smile as a dreadful cafe that I visited previously and was dreadful had closed. It had a fantastic review in a newspaper though...

We continued to wander and the coffee shop was busy with them cleaning the windows so I chose Kaffe - I had not been there for a least a year - in fact foursquare told me! The decor had changed and the ambience was welcoming.

The coffees were luke warm and the cakes were disappointing, so much so that i nearly asked whether the custard tarts were purchased from KFC. See more on my restaurant blog.

After this we went to purchase all the items for our picnic at Sapan Hin at S&P at Tesco.

We picked up Jemma from Kajonkiet school and made our way through the rain to Sapan Hin - where it was no longer raining.

We had lots of nibbles - watched them fishing AND a catfish was caught and something else...

The picnic finished we went to meet Olivier for a cocktail at the Mangrove...

A lovely day off... 

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