Red Pop and Thai Buddhist Shrines

I have spent a number of hours taking photographs of Phuket Old Town and I always spend a few more hours sorting them out and I always have more.

At many of the properties that I walk past there is a Thai Buddhist Shrine in the front of the house and usually in one of the corners. Every morning the owner of the small shrine will prepare something to put at the front - be it Dim Sum, a drink and a lit Joss Stick.

It is a lovely action which has a great deal of Cultural meaning and it is also present with the Chinese population and smaller shrines scattered through Phuket.

BUT - does anybody drink this red pop because all I think it tastes like is a medicine?  Then as I wander around Phuket Town I see two Buddhist Shrines in the same day with this red pop in front of it OR is it chosen because it does not attract the insects?