Phuket Happenings - June 2013

So what happened in June to us and I really cannot recall everything - 

I was given permission to develop teaching Thai Culture in my English Lessons
We went on the Phuket Walk 
There was the Baba Wedding 
I was excited about the Phita Kong Festival BUT...
Then I was asked to teach someone to make a cheesecake!

In the rest of Phuket...

Deaths because people ignored the Red Flag
 - how many languages does this flag need to be in?

Phuket Beaches roped off...
I don't think that I have seen this before
Chinese dies 

Snakes come out in the rains...

Ever tried Stand Up Paddlers?
and Paddle for the Planet.

After the complaint about the Russian Tour Guides
the Chinese Tourists were the brunt of a lot of criticism and across the world!
and sorry I see the behaviour regularly...

And the 'jailed' German who escaped his entourage in Bangkok airport!
but is rearrested later!!

Using Skype to catch a criminal

Korean plastic surgery (double jaw) - breaking the jaw and resetting.
- stop!!!!

Then the tourist boat from Phi Phi which took on water!

The airport bus is going to start on the 17th of July 
watch this space...

Patong Hill and there is another crash!!

Then - repeat safety offenders (bus drivers) face losing their license!
Stop this insanity! 

Patong does not seem to be a welcoming place
Aussie boys attacked by mob!!

Long-tails capsize in the sea of Krabi 

Building on slopes - through slopes greater than 30 degrees is illegal 
is it!?

Tablets for school children
- do any of the children have them?

A new idea - Tourists MUST have Medical Insurance
could you imagine trying to redeem!

Patong does not seem to be a welcoming place

Motorbike crash and a death, a young American.
Wiset Road - Krabi

View Accident black spots. in a larger map