The Mangrove, Kamala Beach, Kathu Festival and Tung Tong Big Chicken

We had a very lazy day today - we started with breakfast out. We went to the Mangrove Hotel, because it is so convenient...

We arrived at 10:15 and it was clear that that the buffet was nearly over... I think we should arrive earlier next time if we want to take full advantage of the buffet.

Following this we packed our bags, popped into Robinsons for a picnic shop (with an ice cream from Dairy Queen) and we headed to Kamala Beach.

Well Kamala Beach was deserted of tourists and the tide was out. There were locals fishing in the tide pools for something which I have forgotten and then we took the opportunity to eat our picnic on the beach and play in the swing.

As we played and ate we noticed that there was a family with puppies which Jemma loved to hold - thank you.

We continued to drive South and came to this sign and we turned back - looking carefully over the walls to see this construction - a little too close to the sea for me.

Then it was time for the Kathu Festival - a lot of fun even though it rained - see previous post.

Time for dinner - we chose to visit a place that we had not been for a long time - Tung Tong Big Chicken - delicious...

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