10 Travel Problems solved by Technology

Jet Lag - Jet Lag Genie App (I played with the phone too much)

The JetLag Genie helps you by creating a customized plan of action that is based on your specific flight info and sleeping patterns. This customized plan provides you with daily lists of necessary actions to take, and includes live notifications that inform you of the the appropriate times to:
-Get sunshine
-Sit in the dark
-Take melatonin (a naturally occurring sleep aid)
-Change the time on your watch
-Take a nap 

Packing Decisions - Packing Pro App (pack less than you list!)


- CREATE unlimited, 100% user-customizable packing lists
- BUILD lists quickly & easily with multi-item selection
- MULTI-EDIT your lists however you wish (add, delete, rename or reorder any category or item)
- DISCOVER new ideas & suggestions from included sample lists
- USE any list (sample or your own) as a template for future lists
- MONITOR a running tally of total items per category & how many of them are checked off
- COLLAPSE categories for less scrolling & better management

Noise cancelling headphones (I watch the movies)

Fitbit Flexy Activity Wristband (but you are on holiday?)

Worry - Travel Safe Pro App (but it might not work)

What does Travel Safe do?
Be it two minutes from your house, or two days, Travel Safe gives you lightning-quick access to the emergency contacts you need; from police, fire, and ambulance, to your parents, partner, or best friend. All from one single screen, and always just one finger-tap away.

Wireless Mini Pocket Router (coffee shops are great for me)

Language - World Lens Translator (can't find it)

Lifeproof Waterproof Smartphone Cases (this is a good idea)

Mosquito bites - Anti Mosquito Sonic Repeller (I eat Marmite)

Portable Charges (this is a good idea)

Here are some Apps which I reviewed.

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