Special market - Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2016

The Phuket Vegetarian Festival is usually associated with the processions, piercings and the fireworks. But above it all it is a cleansing of the body by keeping a Vegetarian Diet.

Ranong Road in Phuket Old Town was half closed to the traffic roads were lined with a plethora of street stalls selling mainly vegetarian foods .

I walked the length of the road - here's a Facebook Live video that I took whilst walking down the street and then entered Pud Jow Temple.  I was immediately drawn to the chanting that was coming out of the room connecting to Jui Tui Temple - creating a wonderful environment.

Then I was welcomed by a Chinese Dragon (waiting to be part of a dance) and a child dressed to look like a monkey and 'performing'.

The beauty of Jui Tui was revealed  - there is a room which is normally closed (I have written about it but I can't find the link). It is situated behind the Lantern Pole which is erected for the spirits to descend.

I did not stay long as this was clearly a special place - thank you - I did not step on the entrance step.

Be careful playing with fireworks

I left the temple to rejoin the market - always there are balloons.

Then there was food -

 lots and lots of it!

Then I bumped into this and was reminded it was a special market that I was at.

Until I was reminded by the smell if this 'old wood' - wonderful, i think that I am going to buy some...


Door knockers

Bits and pieces from the Thai culture - I think I have used a set like this in a restaurant...

So I am trying to keep to this - okay so far - there is a lot to choose from but I have to admit that I do not know what I am eating .