Phuket Vegetarian Festival - Firewalking 2016

Tonight was time for the Firewalking at Sapan Hin.

The parade started at Jui Tui Shrine. Phuket Town has a wonderful array of Vegetarian Street foods still and it seemed to be very busy.

Walking along the road (after purchasing some food obviously) and I found that Jui Tui was again a wonderful place to be. 

In the front of the shrine was the sedan that was going to be carried all the way to Sapan Hin - quite a few selfies going on. It was a truly beautiful place to be...

I did not join the parade like I had last year (wow this camera lens is heavy) - so I jumped on a motorbike.

It was busy

They took me to Kiew Tian Keng Chinese Shrine - which was also beautiful - what a special place to visit. There was food being given out everywhere and the atmosphere was indescribable - thank you.

Then I had to find the Firewalking - was I wrong not to really help a group of tourists drinking beer and not in white to help them more? I got there before the parade and positioned myself in a number of places around the area that had a mountain of burning charcoal.

  After waiting there for approximately one hour i heard fireworks and cymbals - the parade was coming. A Chinese Dragon circled us 

and then the main shrine with a passenger on it entered - wow this was intense 
- and then they left.

Then it was clear that something was going to happen - the possessed began to walk over the hot coals - well not all of them walked I would have to make a comment.

Facebook Live recorded this time - thank you for all my viewers.

Then it was time to walk home - bumping into some of the parade still walking and families waiting outside their homes.

Wonderful - again, thank you.

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