Phuket Vegetarian Festival 2016 - the last night

This night has always been a wonderful night for me (see the links below).

For me the centre of the chaos and a great place to watch it all has always been the Surin (or Clocktower Circle)I arrive at about 7pm and watch people gather.

Then there is the noise that comes from outside the Metropole Hotel - lots and lots and more and more - there seems to be so an inexhaustible supply of fireworks...

Then the smoke begins to get more intense and the bigger fireworks come out. I still marvel that there are so many fireworks exploding around people.

Then so many wander about with bags with full of fireworks...

I remembered my foam ear-plugs this year and was wrapped up pretty tight.

Then the sedans started to arrive and the world around me exploded 
- again, again and again.

  The thrill of being in the midst of the pandemonium is still indescribable and yes I would do it again...

The sedans passed and I tried to get a photograph but I think that I am too close (with the camera I have) so I did not get a great photograph - maybe I should stand back a little bit?

But I enjoy it a little too much...

I caught a couple rushing to be blessed by one of the possessed - this is truly wonderful. 

The circle was then covered in smoke - very different from the image above...

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