A day off in Phuket Town

A day off in Phuket Town started with my daughter going to school and then my wife wanted her hair done and her nails painted. I went for a walk.

It was time for an iced tea and the waffles looked good - Pang Hom Chui was my first stop.

Then it was time to pay my respects to a roadside Temple - there are a lot around here.

Narrowly missing a motorbike.

Found a restaurant with a toy car and bicycle on the rook - not sure what it means...

Then it was time to find a comfortable place to sit down - this was not easy - I ended at Gluay Nam Wa which was very nice at this time in the morning. (Free WiFi and all those bits).

Then it was time for the bank - finding out that the place for the best Bubble Tea (Mellow Yellow) is temporarily closed! 

Onto a journey for lunch and we took a detour to visit a Chinese Shrine - ศาลเจ้ากวนอู บ้านนาบอน - wonderful. So we moved onto to Wine Connection for a bottle of wine - has wine gone up again?

Thai food at Nikita's - I think that the place is best for Pizza's... Then it was time to get our daughter so we could go to the cinema to watch Jurassic World - it was fun. The trailers had no category - they were scary!!

A great day off...