The craze for me getting a photograph...

Leaving work I noticed that the tide was very low at the Cape Panwa Promenade.  Some of the local people were scoring the low tide for those (I have forgotten their name) long squid like animals in holes in the ground. I was after a photograph like the one above.

The steps to the sea at low tide were covered in the shells of sea creatures and my eagerness to get a photo did not prepare me for the slippy steps - slipping I was more worried about the computer and the iPhone - OUCH... I looked down and I had cut myself - there was blood.

I returned to the car, cleaned my leg and was shocked to see the cut!!!

Off to Phuket International Hospital (again) - where I was swiftly welcomed.

Sewn back together.

Told not to watch by my daughter - who found it all delightfully gruesome!

Thank you again to the staff at Phuket International Hospital.

Here was the second photograph I took - follow me on Instagram and Pinterest for more photographs around Phuket.