Klong Mu Dong Canoe Race (2015)

Klong Mu Dong is a place where there is a canoe race every year. This year I managed to get a break from work.

There were a great many people there before I arrived - I was late!

So going to the further end towards I swiftly ran - only realising that they were racing the  other way round. The street was lined with a great number of people watching - I think a great deal of them were happy that they had an opportunity to get out of the rain!

There were the groups of girls made up and in dress and the boys were usually playing the drums - or playing in the water. 

The race must be approximately 200 metres and it was entertaining watching the races - the one above was a favourite of mine because one group stayed apart from the rest and paddled in a straight line.

The group on the left all seemed to hit each other and unfortunately the one in this group did not seem to know that there was another canoe separate - thinking that they had won.

Then there were children swimming in the Klong...

The street was lined with the usual nibbles - the Sushi and Curly Potatoes and more.

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