What to do in Phuket - all that information!

How do you find out what to do whilst you are in Phuket?

Well above is the way that Travel Agents and Shops get you to choose!
All that paper and this was only one guests collected in 14 days!
This is not the only way!

1) Travel Books such as Lonely Planet Guide are still popular - but after the slashing of money that they pay the writers it has led to them not being the best way to find out information.

2) Internet Information is still popular and the website is slowly taking over from the printed version but are still not always accurate. Tripadvisor is slowly becoming more than just a hotel site BUT all reviews should be read

3) Blogs are a relatively new way to get information BUT then there is the fact that some travel bloggers visit places because that they can go for free - so we are back to number 2, the accuracy of the information. Blogs are also open to interpretation - what might be good for them might not be what you are looking for...

Every Sunday I post on Twitter a blogger about Phuket with a #phuketthingstodo
Jamie in Phuket is a favourite blogger of mine
Here's a list of my blogs.

4) Social Media - Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram are three ways which clearly ways in which people can search for information.

Here's mine - Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram

5) Friends are what we have left and in my experience this usually works and with all the Guest Questionnaires which I read is still very popular.

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