Street Foods - Sticky Rice In Bamboo (Khao Lham)

1) Sticky Rice in Bamboo (Khao Lham) 

Living in Thailand for a period of time you do eat the Local foods as the Locals prepare. 

I am asked a number of times whether I eat the food and I do indicate that I do. Then I am asked whether I think that it is safe for the tourist - I could not indicate this at all BUT I do think you should go and browse and think about it.

Khao Lham is often seen at the plethora of markets which are scattered throughout Phuket. 

Then there are the motorcycles carrying the prepared bamboo sticks around - some are cooked and some are not. I have not seen them take these prepared sticks and watch them cook them from the 'beginning' - all I am told is that they take a 'long time'. 

Not something for the personal barbecue then!

The bamboo is filled with the sticky rice, coconut milk, sugar and sometimes other things - black beans is the most usual.

What is the other thing? Ask the vendor to split the bamboo open before you take them as they are not easy to break, unless you have the knack of course - I made a terrible mess!

Oh and they are incredibly filling - so get one and share it!