Baba Wedding Phuket 2015

The Baba Weddings in Phuket is a celebration which I look forward to going (the list is below) - I believe that this year it was the 7th Annual Festival.

The festival recognises the time of the strength (and status) of the tin mining in Phuket and the Chinese dominance of it. 

The 'event' started on the day before the parade - here's an itinerary. I visited the beginning of the parade which was at Hongsyok house - which is usually a Private Home in Phuket Old Town which is open to to media on this day.

Clothes were splendid and smiles were abundant in the well manicured gardens.

The brass band started and the Parade began - leading the way was the Phuket Mayoress.

Children smiled in the outfits.

The Wedding Couples soon followed.

Petals were thrown.

I would like to see the drone photographs.

We walked along the Thalang Road where people were lining the streets.

We reached the Thai Hua museum in Phuket Old Town for a break.

So I ran into a local air-conditioned coffee shop... only to find that there was nobody serving but were all outside watching the parade.

The parade continued and was very quickly followed up by the changing of Thalang Road into the 'Lard Yai' - Walking Street Market and I ended up in Tiny Coffee.

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