Por Tor Festival 2013

We gathered at Queen Sirikit Park this year - 

I have written about the Por Tor Festival a number of times so I hope not to copy what I have written previously.

It is called 'The Hungry Ghost Festival'  because the people which are of Chinese descent believe that once a year their ancestors will visit them on Earth. The dead ancestors are welcomed with food and the turtles are made and shared to welcome longevity.

There was a traditional parade being organised and I recognised the same man who was also at the front of the Vegetarian Parade last year - one of the three musketeers.

The parade began with gusto and excitement - wonderful atmosphere. The parade wound it's way through the streets of Phuket Old Town - the traffic was delayed and we all watched the parade.

The parade leaders went to Jui Tui Shrine whilst the rest of the parade went towards the local market.

The parade was joined by a dancing Chinese dragon which danced in the streets.

Then there were firecrackers - just on the floor. 
Odd that a tourist drove over the firecrackers... 

The firecrackers exploded in front of the dragon and the parade walked into the car park (first floor).

I believe that the lady on the right is a Politician?
It was at this point that I noticed that some people had joined the parade - they were at the front and one person was carrying what looked like an urn which looked like it was from the front of a Chinese Shrine. It looked pretty heavy as well - I had not noticed this before - but everyone was trying to touch it and take a photograph so it must have had significance!

We all proceeded to the first floor where there was a plethora of red turtles and lots of food placed on tables. In the middle was what looked like an offering table in a Chinese Shrine. This was where the Urn was placed and all the people gathered and knelt on the red carpet - just like a Chinese Shrine.

Then police came in carrying red turtles - couldn't think of a phrase to go with the pictures though...

Prayers were said, noodles share, joss sticks lit and fireworks on the roof were lit.

A special afternoon - thank you.

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