Third term being a Teacher again

The third term recently finished. I can't remember everything that happened but this is an outline.

We had some rain...

We made bookmarks for Homework.

We continued learning about China - we painted some more as well.

We looked at using Coding on the computers.

There were eggs which we painted for the window. And this was the assembly

We had another assembly about The Great Fire of London.

There were quite a few things we investigated in our Science Lessons.

We investigated homonyms - and more.

We could now input the housepoints directly onto the computers!

A new roadside coffee opened 

and then so did the coffee shop - Eat My Life - wonderful.

It was Father's Day.

We made a theatre for the classroom.

The World for Eco Club

and a few smiles

and the mess outside...

And I was given some ears to look after whilst I was on Playground Duty...

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