Wat Chalong Temple Fair Pt. 2 (2016)

A Temple Fair is a another reason to visit a Wat - but it is very different and we returned again - but were not to do the same thing again. So today we;

Purchased some Star Wars toys...

Wondered why there was a gun game in a Buddhist Temple...

So many wristwatches.

Got duped by these games - they offer you a dart to throw against the balloon - which you take and then they want the money for the dart you just threw...

Then it was time to knock down the tin cans.

Time to feed the goats - with a baby milk bottle.

We did wonder where the people were for this game...

Wondered whether they had permission to use all these characters on the Bouncy Castle?

Wonder whether the is company knew about their shoes?

Then something to eat? A crab?

Not sure about having a tattoo here even if it was not permanent?

See you again Wat Chalong 

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